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  • A&E activity and waiting times 7 July 2020

    Attendances trend - national, board and hospital level, Compliance - 4 hours standard at national, board and hospital level, 4 / 8 / 12 hour waiting times and discharge destination at national, board and hospital level.

  • Delayed discharges in NHSScotland 7 July 2020

    The publication provides a monthly update on the number of hospital bed days associated with delayed discharges for a full calendar month. Information is also provided on the number of people experiencing a delay in discharge from hospital at the monthly census point. The data relate to people aged 18 and over.

  • Smoking cessation local delivery plan standard 7 July 2020

    This dashboard with accompanying publication summary provides evidence of the reach and quit success of NHS smoking cessation services in Scotland against the 2019/20 Local Delivery Plan (LDP) standard. This edition reports on Quarters 1-3 of 2019/20 and includes historic data back to 2014/15. The statistics in this report are based on 'quit attempts' made during the quarter(s) being reported on. No written report will be presented.

  • Core suite of integration indicators 7 July 2020

    The publication presents annual rates for the Core Suite of Integration Indicators for each Integration Authority area and Scotland. These indicators were developed to help Integration Authorities to review progress towards achieving each of the national Health and Wellbeing Outcomes.

  • 01 July 2020

    COVID-19 Statistical Report 1 July 2020

    This report provides a range of analyses relating to COVID-19 with a specific focus on patterns associated with the age, sex and deprivation of people affected by the virus.

  • 30 June 2020

    Cancer waiting times 30 June 2020

    Quarterly cancer waiting times statistics for the 62-day standard: patients urgently referred with a suspicion of cancer to first cancer treatment; and for the 31-day standard: all patients regardless of the route of referral from date of decision to treat to first cancer treatment by NHS board, cancer network and cancer type.

  • National drug and alcohol treatment waiting times 30 June 2020

    Information on the number of clients seen and the length of time they waited, and the progress towards the Scottish Government HEAT standard, quarter ending March 2020. Data presented by health board and Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP). Includes information on number of clients seen in prison and length of time they waited.