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  • 02 June 2020

    Psychological therapies waiting times 2 June 2020

    Waiting times for Psychological Therapies in Scotland. From December 2014 patients should have to wait no more than 18 weeks from referral to treatment. This publication will show progress towards that standard. Includes developmental data.

  • Delayed discharges in NHSScotland monthly 2 June 2020

    The publication provides a monthly update on the number of hospital bed days associated with delayed discharges for a full calendar month. Information is also provided on the number of people experiencing a delay in discharge from hospital at the monthly census point. The data relate to people aged 18 and over.

  • A&E activity and waiting times 2 June 2020

    Attendances trend - national, board and hospital level, Compliance - 4 hours standard at national, board and hospital level, 4 / 8 / 12 hour waiting times and discharge destination at national, board and hospital level.

  • 26 May 2020

    National therapeutic indicators data visualisation 26 May 2020

    The release by Public Health Scotland is a data visualisation of the 2018/19 Prescribing National Therapeutic Indicators (NTIs). The NTIs are a set of prescribing indicators that are used for quality improvement work. The publication is an update of prescribing data analysis up to December 2019. This visualisation presents information by NHS Board, Health and Social Partnership, General Practitioner (GP) practice, GP cluster and practice peer group.

  • General practice - demographics data visualisation 26 May 2020

    This release by Public Health Scotland shows a data visualisation of a range GP practice demographics data, broken down at practice, HSCP, Board and Scotland level. The most recent data presented is up to 31 March 2020. The visualisation shows practice list sizes broken down by age, gender, deprivation (SIMD). It also highlights changes in practice populations between quarters, the number of patients registered in the last year and patients living in care homes.