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Our Strategic Plan

Scotland is facing unprecedented challenges to public health:

  • COVID-19 presents a real threat and requires a robust, coordinated response
  • We have one of the lowest life expectancies in Western Europe and the worst health inequalities
  • The rate of improvement in life expectancy has stalled in Scotland. Life expectancy has remained virtually unchanged since 2012 and has actually decreased in our most deprived areas
  • Health and social care services are under increasing pressure from rising demands and rising costs.

Collaboration and partnership work across all sectors is required to secure the bold and long-lasting changes needed to tackle these challenges.

This means collaboration across national agencies, local authorities and health boards, the wider public sector, the third sector, Community Planning Partnerships and Health and Social Care Partnerships, employers and academia.

Our Strategic Plan

Our plan will set out what our role and contribution is; what we will do, how we will collaborate with others and how we will measure success so as to be sure we are making a difference.

We are in the initial stages of developing our Strategic Plan, which will be launched in October 2020. 

We are reviewing all the feedback that stakeholders have already shared as part of the public health reform process. This includes engagement in the development of the Public Health Priorities, responses to the public consultation on setting up Public Health Scotland, and engagement in the various public health reform commissions.

How to get involved

We will share details of engagement opportunities soon. Please contact us if you would like to be kept informed about the development of our Strategic Plan.