This week is Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week, marking the start of Active Girls Month. Public Health Scotland (PHS) joins partners in celebrating and promoting the strides being made across Scotland to encourage more women and girls to be active.

We know that throughout the life course males are more active than females. The reasons for this are complex and no single solution exists. Therefore, a system-based approach to physical activity is required to overcome barriers and present opportunities for women and girls to be more active. PHS works with partners across multiple settings and sectors, drawing on the latest evidence to influence changes in policy and practice relating to physical activity.

Claire Hislop, PHS Organisational Lead for Diet, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention said:

“Increasing awareness and encouraging conversations around the health benefits of sport and physical activity for women and girls is vital. This week gives us the opportunity to shine a light on the positive impacts of being active and opportunity to inspire more women and girls to get more active, more often.

“Being physically active improves both our mental and physical health. We need to consider how the places and spaces we live, where we go to learn, work and play, and how we move from A to B affect our ability to be physically active.

“I am very aware of the benefits I get from being physically active and encourage women and girls of all ages to get involved in activities happening this week and beyond."

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Last updated: 06 October 2022