There are a number of key information sources relating to COVID-19 research in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Scottish research resources

Chief Scientist Office (CSO) - Rapid research in COVID-19 programme 

Provides information about a number of academic research projects submitted to the Chief Scientist Office, covering priority COVID-19 research areas. 

View the Rapid research in COVID-19 programme

UNCOVER - Usher Network for COVID-19 Evidence Reviews 

A network of population health researchers and information specialists, the website includes a register of rapid reviews and support for the rapid review process.

View the Usher Network for COVID-19 Evidence Reviews

NHS Research Scotland - Coronavirus research information 

Includes details of current COVID-19 research, vaccine studies and guidance for researchers. 

View the NHS Research Scotland Coronavirus research information

Volunteer Scotland - COVID-19 research 

Research evidence on Scotland’s volunteering response to the COVID-19 crisis and recovery phase.

View Volunteer Scotland COVID-19 research

Voluntary Health Scotland

A collection of information, news and blogs relevant to voluntary health organisations or others involved in public health.

View the Voluntary Health Scotland COVID-19 information

Third Sector Research Forum - Research about the response to COVID-19

The Third Sector Research Forum (TSRF) has collated a range of research sources that may be of use to third sector organisations and funders

View the Third Sector Research Forum COVID-19 research resources

The Knowledge Network COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information>

Provides links to a range of evidence and CPD resources for the health and care workforce in Scotland.

View The Knowledge Network COVID-19 research

UK-wide research resources

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) - NIHR response to COVID-19

The NIHR plays a critical role in terms of funding, enabling and delivering research into COVID-19 in the UK. Includes urgent public health research, ‘recovery and learning’ research, as well as global health research. 

View the NIHR response to COVID-19

UK research and Innovation (UKRI) - Tackling the impact of COVID-19 

UKRI supports hundreds of projects that are addressing the key challenges of coronavirus. The website details those projects. 

View the UKRI Tackling the impact of COVID-19 information

Public Health England (PHE) Knowledge and Library Services - Finding the evidence: Coronavirus

PHE Knowledge and Library Services (KLS) has produced a range of resources to help those working on the current coronavirus outbreak, to identify and access emerging evidence as it is published.

View PHE COVID-19 resources

Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSE) COVID-19 Research Group Repository

This repository encompasses the outputs of research generated by the Royal College of Surgeons of England COVID-19 Research Group.

View the RCSE COVID-19 research

Last updated: 11 September 2023
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