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  • Gastro-intestinal and Foodborne Infections: Laboratory Reports of Norovirus in Scotland

    • 29 July 2021

    Laboratory Reports of Norovirus in Scotland

  • PHS COVID-19 Education Surveillance reporting dashboard

    • 30 July 2021

    PHS COVID-19 Education Surveillance reporting dashboard including topics such as cases & testing, hospital admissions and contact tracing for individuals of school age.

  • National Cancer Diagnosis Audit (NCDA) Scotland 2019/2020; patients diagnosed 1st October 2018 to 30th September 2019

    • 03 August 2021

    The National Cancer Diagnosis Audit (NCDA) supports service improvement in relation to cancer diagnosis; the main outputs were tailored feedback reports to participating GP practices. This national report gives an overview of results at Scotland level and is being released to increase awareness of the audit and what it covered. NCDA Scotland is the Scottish part of a UK-wide audit, co-ordinated by Cancer Research UK.

  • NHS Performs - Weekly Update of Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Time Statistics

    • 03 August 2021

    This release of NHS Performs includes official statistics collected by PHS on attendances at Emergency Departments (EDs) across Scotland. The information presented in this release includes the number of attendances and 4, 8 and 12 hour waits at EDs.

  • Delayed Discharges in NHSScotland

    • 03 August 2021

    The publication provides a monthly update on the number of hospital bed days associated with delayed discharges for a full calendar month. Information is also provided on the number of people experiencing a delay in discharge from hospital at the monthly census point. The data relate to people aged 18 and over.

  • Emergency Department Activity & Waiting Times

    • 03 August 2021

    Attendances trend - national, board and hospital level, Compliance - 4 hours standard at national, board and hospital level, 4 / 8 / 12 hour waiting times and discharge destination at national, board and hospital level.

  • Cancelled Planned Operations

    • 03 August 2021

    Statistics on NHS Board/Hospital cancellations of operations for patients who have been booked for an elective scheduled theatre operation.

  • COVID-19 Statistical Report

    • 04 August 2021

    This report provides a range of analyses relating to COVID-19 with a specific focus on patterns associated with the age, sex and deprivation of people affected by the virus. Please note: this will be released at 12:00.

  • Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19 in Scotland Population-based seroprevalence surveillance

    • 04 August 2021

    This report provides estimates for COVID-19 seroprevalence in the community

  • Weekly national seasonal respiratory report

    • 04 August 2021

    This release is a weekly report on epidemiological information on influenza infection (and that of other respiratory pathogens) along with other associated indicators of respiratory activity in Scotland. Data on flu vaccine uptake are also included in the report from 13 January 2021.