This framework aims to classify guidance types based on the process used to derive the guidance, relative to that used to develop an Evidence Based Guideline. The categories are defined in terms of the quality standards used in the relevant guidance development methodology. The intention in having these standards is to provide reassurance to guidance users on the quality of the guidance.

The framework sets out a hierarchy of health protection guidance types with the respective q​​uality standards required to meet SHPN-GG approved status. More detailed supporting protocols provide further advice regarding the process for developing each type of guidance document.

The framework also describes:

  • ​the roles and responsibilities of the component parts of the SHPN guidance development system
  • some basic principles underpinning SHPN guidance development
  • the categories of SHPN guidance and includes an option for approval of externally produced (non-SHPN) guidance

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Last updated: 21 March 2024
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