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Board-level cost breakdown
Report code Name Sector
R040X R040X: Specialty costs and activity - inpatients in all specialties (excluding long stay), by specialty XLSM | 127.6KB Hospital
R040LSX R040LSX: Specialty costs and activity - inpatients in long-stay specialties, by specialty XLSM | 56.1KB Hospital
R042X R042X: Specialty costs and activity - day cases, by specialty XLSM | 98.7KB Hospital
R044X R044X: Specialty costs and activity - consultant outpatients, by specialty XLSM | 102.6KB Hospital
R045X R045X: Specialty costs and activity - nurse-led clinics, by specialty XLSM | 76.4KB Hospital
R046X R046X: Costs and activity at AHP outpatient clinics, by profession* XLSM | 77.6KB Hospital
R048X R048X: Specialty costs and activity - day patients, by specialty XLSM | 34.8KB Hospital
R060X R060X: Expenditure on services provided by AHPs* XLSX | 12.3KB Hospital
R070X R070X: Expenditure on catering, domestic and portering services XLSX | 12.6KB Hospital
R080X R080X: Expenditure on linen services XLSX | 11.9KB Hospital
R090X R090X: Expenditure on property overheads XLSX | 12.4KB Hospital
R110X R110X: Expenditure on management and administration expenses XLSX | 11.7KB Hospital
R120X R120X: Expenditure and activity - radiology services XLSX | 13.5KB Hospital
R130X R130X: Expenditure and activity - laboratory services XLSX | 15.5KB Hospital
R140X R140X: Number of theatres, expenditure and usage XLSX | 13.7KB Hospital
R141X R141X: Average theatre running cost XLSX | 12.3KB Hospital
R142X R142X: Average theatre running costs and usage, by specialty XLSM | 56.2KB Hospital

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Scottish Financial Returns (SFRs) for financial year 2019 to 2020

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Last updated: 21 March 2024
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