An outbreak of acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology in children was first reported in Scotland in April 2022. Cases aged <16 years have since been identified in 35 countries. Here we report a detailed investigation of 9 early cases and 58 control subjects. Using next-generation sequencing and real-time PCR, adeno-associated virus 2 (AAV2), was detected in the plasma of 9/9 and liver of 4/4 patients but in 0/13 sera/plasma of age-matched healthy controls, 0/12 children with adenovirus (HAdV) infection and normal liver function and 0/33 children admitted to hospital with hepatitis of other aetiology. AAV2 typically requires a coinfecting ‘helper’ virus to replicate, usually HAdV or a herpesvirus. HAdV (species C and F) and human herpesvirus 6B (HHV6B) were detected in 6/9 and 3/9 affected cases, including 3/4 and 2/4 liver biopsies, respectively. The class II HLA-DRB1*04:01 allele was identified in 8/9 cases (89%), compared with a background frequency of 15.6% in Scottish blood donors, suggestive of increased susceptibility in affected cases. Acute non-A-E paediatric hepatitis is associated with the presence of AAV2 infection, which could represent a primary pathogen or a useful biomarker of recent HAdV or HHV6B infection. Population and mechanistic studies are required to explore these findings further.


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Ho, A., Orton, R., Tayler, R., Asamaphan, P., Tong, L., Smollett, K., Davis, C., Manali, M., McDonald, S., Pollock, L., Evans, C., McMenamin, J., Roy, K., Marsh, K., Divala, T., Holden, M., Lockhart, M., Yirrell, D., Currie, S., Shepherd, S., Jackson, C., Gunson, R., MacLean, A., McInnes, N., Battle, R., Hollenbach, J., Henderson, P., Chand, M., Hamilton, M., Estrada-Rivadeneyra, D., Levin, M., DIAMONDS Consortium, ISARIC4C Investigators, Robertson, D., da Silva Filipe, A., Willett, B., Breuer, J., Semple, M., Turner, D., Baillie, J. & Thomson, E. 2022, 'Adeno-associated virus 2 infection in children with non-A-E hepatitis'. To be published in medRxiv [Preprint]. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.07.19.22277425

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