Since the declaration of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on 11 March 2020 by the WHO, an accumulated number of at least 70 461 926 confirmed cases and 1 599 704 deaths in 216 countries/territories has been recorded by 14/12/2020 []. In line with the established WHO global research roadmap for COVID-19 [], the UNCOVER (Usher Network for COVID-19 Evidence Reviews) group committed to summarise COVID-19 evidence-based reviews for policymakers, clinicians and researchers to respond quickly to the outbreak of COVID-19. To assist in policy and clinical decision making and to avoid duplicate efforts, we created the UNCOVER registry of reviews, an online collection of published and ongoing reviews. Details of the UNCOVER registry have been previously reported [] and here we present an update in relation to the main characteristics of the current collection.

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Zhang, X., Xu, W., Dozier, M., Nzvere, F., Krishan, P., He, Y., Li, X. & Theodoratou, E. 2021, 'Advances in COVID-19 research until November 2020: Update from the UNCOVER registry', Journal of Global Health, 11, article no: 03022. https://dx.doi.org/10.7189/jogh.11.03022

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Last updated: 16 June 2022
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