Since 2015/2016, Denise Ferreira da Silva and Valentina Desideri have been engaging in a joint practice of so-called Poethical Readings, a device that engages the poetic and the ethical at the limits of the epistemology and ontology of the modern Subject. In this interview, Ferreira da Silva and Desideri provide insight into the singular and theatrical dynamics of Poetical Readings, as well as The Sensing Salon, a format for the collective exercise of Poethical Readings. They consider their practice with respect to the issue of power and the image of existence that undergirds modern politics, suggesting that Poethical Readings partake in the construction of a different image of existence no longer founded on the violent operations of the Subject. Having taken place in the autumn of 2020, that is, in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the interview is framed by and addresses these issues through the discussion of the social ramifications of the corona crisis.

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da Silva, D., Desideri, V., Döcker, G. & Katsouraki, E. 2022, 'Another image of existence: Denise Ferreira da Silva and Valentina Desideri on their practice of poethical readings, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for a radical reevaluation of modern politics. An interview by Eve Katsouraki and Georg Döcker', Performance Philosophy, 7(1), pp. 132-145. https://doi.org/10.21476/PP.2022.71381

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