Home working has increased due to COVID-19, but little is known about how this change has impacted the health risk behaviour of elevated sedentary time. The aim of this cross-sectional exploratory study was to assess occupational sitting behaviour when working at home, and use the Capability Opportunity Motivation-Behaviour (COM-B) model to identify influences on this behaviour. University staff (n=267; 69% female; 92% white) who were predominantly working from home completed a questionnaire to assess sitting time, sitting breaks, demographic and occupational characteristics, and a 7-item COM-B questionnaire and open-ended questions to assess influences on time spent sitting whilst working from home. Data were analysed descriptively, a repeated measures ANOVA was used to determine differences in the COM-B items, and binary logistic regression was used to examine predictors of sitting time. Staff spent on average 89.5% (SD=17.1) of their time sitting whilst working at home, and took an average of 1.36 (1.38) sitting breaks per hour. There were significant and meaningful differences in the influence of the COM factors on ability and willingness to reduce sitting behaviour (p


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Niven, A., Baker, G., Coral Almeida, E., Fawkner, S., Jepson, R., Manner, J., Morton, S., Nightingale, G., Sivaramakrishnan, D. & Fitzsimons, C. 2022, '"Are we working (too) comfortably?”: Understanding the nature of and factors associated with sedentary behaviour when working in the home environment', Occupational Health Science, 7, pp. 71-88. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41542-022-00128-6

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