The purpose of this article is to explore the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential to use this challenging global context as an opportunity to build back better and more equitable educations systems The approach taken involves drawing on the emerging literature to explore the relationship between COVID-19 and Educational Equity The analysis undertaken involves the presentation of a typology framed by the quality of educational offer and the opportunity for engagement in the offer accompanied by four reflective questions for further consideration. The analysis presented here underpins the presentation of a heuristic typology designed to stimulate exploration and discussion relating to building back better, more equitable education systems after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Chapman, C. & Bell, I. 2020, 'Building back better education systems: equity and COVID-19'. To be published in Journal of Professional Capital and Community [Preprint]. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/JPCC-07-2020-0055

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