In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, university mathematics departments in the UK adapted their teaching for 2020-21, with some courses being delivered digitally and others through a mixture of oncampus and digital delivery. A survey of linear algebra and calculus lecturers was carried out in the spring of 2021 to investigate what changes were made to courses, as well as lecturers’ perceptions of institutional decision making and support. This survey found that a majority of the 41 participants were satisfied that the choice of delivery mode was correct, although views about the importance of offering on-campus classes were mixed. There was a significant increase in the use of video clips made by the lecturer, video-conferencing software, discussion forums, electronic submission of written work and on-screen marking tools. Most lecturers reported a reduction in the amount of time that students were expected to be taking part in live teaching activities and an increase in the amount of time they were expected to be working on asynchronous activities. While some were keen to return to their previous practice, others were enthusiastic about retaining features introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Alarfaj, M., O'Hagan, S. & Sangwin, C. 2022, 'Changes made to the teaching of linear algebra and calculus courses in the UK in response to the COVID-19 pandemic', MSOR Connections, 20 (1 ), pp. 56-73 . https://doi.org/10.21100/msor.v20i1.1310

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Last updated: 02 October 2023
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