The report presents preliminary analysis of findings from a UK-wide survey of office workers working from home (WFH). This inquiry was conducted because WFH was not a passing phase. With workers WFH for many months and facing many more, if not permanently, robust evidence was urgently required of their experiences. In late-2019, around 5% of UK workforce WFH. By April 2020, 43.1% were WFH, declining to 25% in August, rising again to 40%+ in early 2021.


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Taylor, P., Scholarios, D. & Howcroft, D. 2021, Covid-19 and Working from Home Survey: Preliminary Findings, Covid-19 and Working from Home Survey : Preliminary Findings, 21 March. Available at: https://pureportal.strath.ac.uk/en/publications/covid-19-and-working-from-home-survey-preliminary-findings

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Last updated: 17 June 2022
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