The current study examines whether the prevalence of COVID-19 cases and cultural flexibility correlate to one's use of acceptance coping across 26 cultures. We analyzed data from 7476 participants worldwide at the start of the first outbreak from March 2020 to June 2020. Results showed that cultural flexibility moderated the relationship between COVID-19 cases and individuals' acceptance coping strategies. Specifically, for cultures with high flexibility, COVID-19 cases correlated with more acceptance coping; for cultures with low flexibility, COVID-19 cases correlated with less acceptance coping. This result demonstrates how participants from flexible cultures can coexist with the realistic challenges and suffering faced during this pandemic.


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Zhou, X., English, A., Kulich, S., Zheng, L., Alves, T., Aquino, S., Batić Očovaj, S., Belen, H., Biddle, A., Boonroungrut, C., Campos, A., Castro, R., Chettiar, C., Chobthamkit, P., Cowden, R., Dubrov, D., F Falavarjani, M., Farid, T., Geeraert, N., Grigoryev, D., Gunawan, H., Hofhuis, J., Hossain, K., Huang, K., Jiang, H., Jovanović, V., Khieowan, N., Klimek-Tulwin, M., Kosakowska-Berezecka, N., Kunst, J., Lefringhausen, K., Li, X., Lins, S., Malik, S., Maricchiolo, F., Martínez-Buelvas, L., Medosevic-Korjenic, E., Nam, B., Navarro-Carrillo, G., Neto, J., Novaes, F., Oliver, E., Paolini, D., Park, J., Šakan, D., Schwarzenthal, M., Sun, Q., Talhelm, T., Thomson, R., Tipandjan, A., Tong, R., Torres-Marín, J., Wang, S., Wei, L., Yeung, V., Yousefi, M., Yudiarso, A., Yuki, M. & Zhang, X. 2023, 'COVID-19 cases correlate with greater acceptance coping in flexible cultures: A cross-cultural study in 26 countries', Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 18(2), article no: e12919. https://doi.org/10.1111/spc3.12919

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