This paper studies the health and well-being of children during the COVID-19 lockdowns in a developing country context. Using surveys for low-income households in rural areas of Pakistan, we find that lockdowns are associated with worsened health and well-being of children. Exploring potential economic and noneconomic mechanisms behind this negative association, we find that children participating in the labor market due to extreme poverty suffer the worst impact from lockdowns. These results call for policies that target resources towards households where children’s participation in the labor market is more likely since leaving vulnerable children behind will have a lasting economic impact for developing economies.


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Malik, S., Mihm, B. & von Suchodoletz, A. 2022, 'COVID-19 lockdowns and children's health and well-being', Journal of Economic Psychology, 93, article no: 102549. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.joep.2022.102549

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