This report presents the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit’s (SPIRU) review of the volunteer work undertaken with Belville Community Garden Trust during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 (mid-March to mid-July). SPIRU has no vested interest in the work of Belville CGT; this is an independent appraisal. SPIRU is well positioned to undertake this evaluation, have acquired an understanding of the issues surrounding food security in Inverclyde and beyond: SPIRU has recently
completed a nationwide review of local action to tackle food insecurity during the coronavirus crisis, evaluated the work of the Inverclyde Community Action  Response Group, and is involved in independent postgraduate research on food citizenship in Inverclyde.


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McKendrick, J. & Graham, J. 2020, From Community Garden to Community Action: Volunteering with Belville Community Garden to address the COVID-19 Crisis, The Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit. Available at: https://researchonline.gcu.ac.uk/en/publications/b75eb271-808f-49b8-92f4-7e9ab072aec8

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Last updated: 17 June 2022
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