This review looks at the latest evidence (published between 2018-2021) on the financially vulnerable, with a specific focus on those using credit to make ends meet. The goal of the report is to identify how people in this position might be best supported, aiming to address the following research questions:

What is COVID-19’s impact on the financially vulnerable and use of credit for essentials?
The use of credit for essentials:
Who is using credit for essentials?
What credit types are used?
How is credit being used (for what essential purchases)?
Why is credit being used for essentials (underlying drivers)?
What are the impacts of being declined credit?
How do money conversations influence financial well-being?
How can people who are over-reliant on credit be supported?


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Dibb, S., Broughton, K., Aslam, H., Appleyard, L. & Tiwasing, P. 2022, Helping those who use credit to make ends meet: A Rapid Literature and Evidence Review, Money & Pensions Service. Available at: https://pure.sruc.ac.uk/en/publications/helping-those-who-use-credit-to-make-ends-meet-a-rapid-literature

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Last updated: 31 August 2022
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