Abrupt transitions to online-only teaching during the uncertainties of the early weeks of the Covid19 pandemic in the UK exacerbated precarities in the role of HE teachers which are only now being considered. This study uses narratives and photographs to reveal a series of emotionally-charged responses and ensuing behaviours at the micro-level of teaching during the first phase of lockdown life. Extending frames of liminality and extremity, we draw upon visual and narrative methodologies to explore individual perceptions of the challenges, ambiguities, and opportunities in digital teaching and learning practice. Three themes of precarity and security, perceptions of time in pandemic life and work, and communication between lecturers and their university are investigated. Our paper reports on the outcomes of changed routines, enforced autonomy and possible new independencies with an emphasis on perceptions of precarity in the sector.


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Collins, H., Myers, F. & Glover, H. 2023, 'Imaging the pandemic: higher education tutors narratives and photographs of precarious online living and learning', 2023 SRHE Conference , Birmingham , United Kingdom , 4/12/23 - 8/12/23. https://uws.pure.elsevier.com/en/publications/9eb13571-c6dc-4e80-a55c-a76408d923d3

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Last updated: 27 April 2024
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