Teacher educators, charged with teaching teachers, can overlook their own Continuing Professional Learning and Development (CPLD), instead relying on learning through doing the job (Swennen A, Shagrir L, Cooper M. Becoming a teacher educator: voices of beginning teacher educators. In: Becoming a teacher educator. Springer, Dordrecht, p 91–102, 2009). The unique circumstances of COVID-19 meant that most teacher educators had to act quickly and adapt face-to-face teaching for online delivery. In addition to the challenges posed, this presented opportunities to learn and develop new skills and knowledge. This ranged from fostering small-scale professional learning communities (Wenger E. Syst Think 9(5):2–3, 1998) to much wider, informal networks of educators learning from each other. The global education community quickly mobilised and offered online seminars, conferences, and training sessions in ways that had never been seen before.

As teacher educators, we explore our personal experiences of engaging with a wide range of grassroots CPLD (Holme R. Grassroots teacher professional development: how and why practitioners are taking ownership for their development and learning. 


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