• This study was funded by the Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government, as part of its Rapid Research in Covid-19 Programme and was conducted between July and December 2020. The study was completed by a team of researchers at the University of Glasgow and supported by 20 partners from the third sector.
• The research focused on the impact of Covid-19 restrictions (‘lockdown’) for four groups already experiencing exclusion, isolation and marginalisation: people having a disability or long-term health condition (DHC); People involved in criminal justice (CJS); Refugees and people seeking asylum who were at risk of destitution (RAD); People surviving domestic abuse or sexual violence (DASV).
• As a rapid research project, the study aims to understand and report on the impacts of Covid-19 restrictions as they are happening, in order to contribute to better responses to it; the analysis presented may be further developed and modified.
• It has been recognised that social research is needed alongside medical and health research to understand the effects of this pandemic on individual and collective wellbeing. Already evidence has established that social inequalities are shaping Covid-19 risk and impact, but the evidence base is not yet well-established for Scotland.


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Armstrong, S., Pickering, L., Barkas, B., Brooks-Hay, O., Bunn, C., Burman, M., Burns, N., Casey, R., Cornish, N., Davis, A., Gilmour, M., Gormley, C., McNeill, F., Mirza, N., Mulvey, G., Norberg, I., Pearson, P., Piacentini, T., Ptolomey, A., Reed, D., Robinson, J., Saunders, K., Schinkel, M., Shaw, A., Watson, N. & Wiseman, P. 2020, Left out and locked down: impacts of COVID-19 for marginalised groups in Scotland, Report of the Scotland in Lockdown Study December 2020. Available at: http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/236416/

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