This study explores how high-growth entrepreneurs use well-being and emotional labour as tools to respond to crises. Drawing on 173 longitudinal interviews with 57 high-growth entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 crisis, we explore internal crisis response strategies. The data show that entrepreneurs employ a variety of emotional labour practices which produce organizational resilience. However, these practices are in tension with the strategic practices required for economic resilience. We show how the emotional of entrepreneurs serves as part of their crisis leadership strategy. This adds a new perspective to the literature on entrepreneurial crisis and resilience by showing the complexity of internal reactions to sudden and prolonged shocks.


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Ramli, K., Spigel, B., Williams, N., Mawson, S. & Jack, S. 2022, 'Managing through a crisis: emotional leadership strategies of high-growth entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic', Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. https://doi.org/10.1080/08985626.2022.2143905

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