This piece provokes discussions about the pathological performativities of COVID-19, the British state and UK higher education. We argue that despite the apparent disconnectedness of these components, the connecting fabric is one of a necropolitical (Mbembé and Meintjes Citation2003) nature. This socio-political hegemony is constitutive of and through the ‘performativity of happiness’ as a mechanism of oppression. Universities as sites and locations where multiple oppressions are produced and enacted, can also be sites of potential mobilised empowerment. The pathological politics of COVID-19 rests on these mechanics, while the potential for liberatory solidarities is already at work in resistance.


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Keval, H. & Wright, T. 2021, 'Necropolitical constructions of happiness, COVID-19 and higher education', Critical Studies on Security, 9(2), pp. 170-173. https://doi.org/10.1080/21624887.2021.1978644

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Last updated: 02 March 2023
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