BACKGROUND: Despite the potential detrimental consequences for individuals' health and discrimination from covid-19 symptoms, the outcomes have received little attention. This study examines the relationships between having personally experienced discrimination based on the symptoms of covid-19 (during the first wave of the pandemic), mental health, and emotional responses (anger and sadness). It was predicted that covid-19 discrimination would be positively related to poor mental health and that this relationship would be mediated by the emotions of anger and sadness.

METHODS: The study was conducted using an online questionnaire from January to June 2020 (the Covistress network; including 44 countries). Participants were extracted from the COVISTRESS database (Ntotal = 280) with about a half declaring having been discriminated due to covid-19 symptoms (N = 135). Discriminated participants were compared to non-discriminated participants using ANOVA. A mediation analysis was conducted to examine the indirect effect of emotional responses and the relationships between perceived discrimination and self-reported mental health.

RESULTS: The results indicated that individuals who experienced discrimination based on the symptoms of covid-19 had poorer mental health and experienced more anger and sadness. The relationship between covid-19 personal discrimination and mental health disappeared when the emotions of anger and sadness were statistically controlled for. The indirect effects for both anger and sadness were statistically significant.

DISCUSSION: This study suggests that the covid-19 pandemic may have generated discriminatory behaviors toward those suspected of having symptoms and that this is related to poorer mental health via anger and sadness.


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Dambrun, M., Bonetto, E., Motak, L., Baker, J., Bagheri, R., Saadaoui, F., Rabbouch, H., Zak, M., Nasir, H., Mermillod, M., Gao, Y., Antunes, S., Ugbolue, U., Pereira, B., Bouillon-Minois, J., Nugier, A., Clinchamps, M., Dutheil, F. & COVISTRESS Network 2023, 'Perceived discrimination based on the symptoms of covid-19, mental health, and emotional responses-the international online COVISTRESS survey', PLoS ONE, 18(1), article no: e0279180. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0279180

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