This report presents summary findings of a study looking at how the UK’s food production can align to enable development of a food system that better meets requirements for a healthy diet and a sustainable environment. The COVID-19 pandemic and post- EU exit recoveries present an opportunity to realign the food system with human health needs and sustainable, decarbonised production systems. Research uses four plausible scenarios to explore the range of possible options using land use change, agroecological approaches, use of legumes and new cultivation technology e.g. vertical farming.

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Rivington, M., Duckett, D., Burgess, P., Begg, G., Iannetta, P. & Hawes, C. 2021, Post-COVID-19 Land Use Options to Achieve Food Security, Healthy Diets and a Sustainable Environment., James Hutton Institute. Available at: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6337975

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Last updated: 03 September 2022
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