Purpose: To prospectively validate two risk scores to predict mortality (4C Mortality) and in-hospital deterioration (4C Deterioration) among adults hospitalised with COVID-19. Methods: Prospective observational cohort study of adults (age ≥18 years) with confirmed or highly suspected COVID-19 recruited into the International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infections Consortium (ISARIC) WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol UK (CCP-UK) study in 306 hospitals across England, Scotland and Wales. Patients were recruited between 27 August 2020 and 17 February 2021, with at least 4 weeks follow-up before final data extraction. The main outcome measures were discrimination and calibration of models for in-hospital deterioration (defined as any requirement of ventilatory support or critical care, or death) and mortality, incorporating predefined subgroups. Results: 76 588 participants were included, of whom 27 352 (37.4%) deteriorated and 12 581 (17.4%) died. Both the 4C Mortality (0.78 (0.77 to 0.78)) and 4C Deterioration scores (pooled C-statistic 0.76 (95% CI 0.75 to 0.77)) demonstrated consistent discrimination across all nine National Health Service regions, with similar performance metrics to the original validation cohorts. Calibration remained stable (4C Mortality: pooled slope 1.09, pooled calibration-in-the-large 0.12; 4C Deterioration: 1.00, –0.04), with no need for temporal recalibration during the second UK pandemic wave of hospital admissions. Conclusion: Both 4C risk stratification models demonstrate consistent performance to predict clinical deterioration and mortality in a large prospective second wave validation cohort of UK patients. Despite recent advances in the treatment and management of adults hospitalised with COVID-19, both scores can continue to inform clinical decision making.


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Knight, S., Gupta, R., Ho, A., Pius, R., Buchan, I., Carson, G., Drake, T., Dunning, J., Fairfield, C., Gamble, C., Green, C., Halpin, S., Hardwick, H., Holden, K., Horby, P., Jackson, C., McLean, K., Merson, L., Nguyen-Van-Tam, J., Norman, L., Olliaro, P., Pritchard, M., Russell, C., Shaw, C., Sheikh, A., Solomon, T., Sudlow, C., Swann, O., Turtle, L., Openshaw, P., Baillie, J., Docherty, A., Semple, M., Noursadeghi, M. & Harrison, E. 2021, 'Prospective validation of the 4C prognostic models for adults hospitalised with covid-19 using the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol', Thorax, 77(6), pp. 606-615. http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/thoraxjnl-2021-217629

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