To the Editor—We read with interest the letter by Li et al reporting on the global prevalence of endemic human coronaviruses. The last decade has witnessed an expansion of global surveillance efforts in influenza and respiratory syncytial virus infections, leading to an increased recognition of the importance of these viruses, particularly in low- and middle-income settings. However, a paucity of epidemiological research exists for other respiratory viruses, as highlighted by the World Health Organization’s Battle Against Respiratory Viruses initiative.


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Nickbakhsh, S., Ho, A., Marques, D., McMenamin, J., Gunson, R. & Murcia, P. 2020, 'Reply to Li et al', Journal of Infectious Diseases, 222(4), pp. 696-698. https://doi.org/10.1093/infdis/jiaa322

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Last updated: 08 October 2022
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