This is a short summary of research carried out by a group of academics, coordinated by the authors of this document, from the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Dundee. It addresses this topic as it focuses on the education of children during lockdown, as perceived by primary school teachers. All children are seen as needing support during this time, yet this study has highlighted the efforts of primary schools and teachers towards more vulnerable children and families.


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Mercieca, D. & Mercieca, D. 2020, 'Response to call from Scottish Parliament COVID-19 Committee (Nov 2020): Topic 3 – Protecting those at risk', University of Dundee. https://discovery.dundee.ac.uk/en/publications/d2cd9cba-e11b-4bc6-86f9-e90df99db54f

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Last updated: 04 October 2022
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