We read with great interest the results presented by Denis Logunov and colleagues on the safety and efficacy of a Russian vaccine for COVID-19.
Although the study results are potentially significant, we have several concerns, which, due to the accelerated distribution of the vaccine to the population, we described in an open letter signed by us and by several other colleagues who share our concerns.


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Bucci, E., Andreev, K., Björkman, A., Calogero, R., Carafoli, E., Carninci, P., Castagnoli, P., Cossarizza, A., Mussini, C., Guerin, P., Lipworth, B., Sbardella, G., Stocki, T., Tuosto, L., van Tulleken, C. & Viola, A. 2020, 'Safety and efficacy of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine: more information needed', The Lancet, 396(10256), pp. E53-E53. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(20)31960-7

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