This study aims to examine service quality in the hospitality industry in Jordan aiming to determine whether accommodators are satisfied with the services of hotels. The research also aimed to address if total quality management in the service industry is just as important as it is in the product-based industries. This research followed the quantitative method of closed-ended questions that was conducted online following the probability sampling of simple random sampling. Survey data were collected from 247 participants using the SERVQUAL model. A test of the model was conducted and the results showed that people are mostly satisfied with the quality of the services offered by hotels in Jordan, but were dissatisfied with the speed of the check-in process and that there is only a minimal number of people who are dissatisfied with the service quality. This is one of the first studies that represent a little-researched area of recent times and even less so in Middle Eastern countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research paper has shown the significant importance of total quality management in the hospitality industry around the globe and in Jordan specifically, the study shows how service quality can affect the satisfaction of customers and their levels of loyalty, as it has been found that levels of loyalty increase as the levels of satisfaction within the quality of offered services increases.

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Aladwan, K., Behno, M. & Aladwan, R. 2022, 'Service quality during the COVID-19 pandemic: An empirical study', Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, 6(2), pp. 52-61. https://doi.org/10.22495/cgobrv6i2p5

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Last updated: 16 June 2022
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