In this reflective article we set about to critically explore the UK’s Covid-19 emergency legislation. We argue that whilst, on the surface, it appears a reasonable response to an incredibly unusual, frightening and critical situation, we remain concerned about the long term implications of the most restrictive and coercive emergency legislation passed in the UK to date. We argue that the military metaphors currently in popular usage, act to obscure the long-term ramifications of this legislation. We discuss the possible implications for current and future social work practice and argue that far from being unusual, this legislation is a natural progression from the development and rapid growth of securitised social policy, represented, most starkly for example in current counter-terrorism work in which social work has been co-opted into.


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McKendrick, D. & Finch, J. 2020, 'Social work, Covid-19 and securitisation', Social Work 2020 under Covid-19 Magazine, 24 April. Available at: https://researchonline.gcu.ac.uk/en/publications/4e53dc55-3617-4a9b-9683-61ab0b8b73e9

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Last updated: 17 June 2022
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