In this article, the authors reflect on the University of Stirling Pandemic Oral History project. At this point in the project, the organisers had interviewed a wide range of staff members at the University regarding their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and were about to commence the next phase in the project which would interview students at the University about the same. The authors reflect on their methodology, recording an ongoing historical event and how they have personally responded to the project.


The publisher has granted permission for use of this work in the University of Stirling Repository. Published in History Scotland, 22 (2), pp. 44-45, March/April 2022 by Warners Group Publications.

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Bowman, S., Al-Mulla, R. & Bromage, S. 2022, 'Stirling University Pandemic Oral History Project: “A Constructive Response to a Destructive Event”', History Scotland, March/ April 2022, 22(2), pp. 44-45. Available at: http://hdl.handle.net/1893/34242

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Last updated: 16 June 2022
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