In 2021, Brazil was in second place on the global scale in the number of deaths and infected people by COVID-19. Data shown that the deaths by COVID-19 pandemic not only emphasized the great existing inequalities and inequities in the country but also deepened them. This study aimed to reflect on the challenges affecting people experiencing homelessness in Rio de Janeiro due the COVID-19 pandemic. Homeless population in Brazil are composed majority for rough sleepers. A participatory research was carried out to identify data related with socio-demographic profile; strategies for survival; health and social care support and access to services during pandemic. The research methodology was co-designed with NGOs working in this sector and people with lived experience in homelessness. Semi-structured questionnaires were conducted with 304 participants during lockdown in 2020. The results highlighted the worsening of the situation of extreme vulnerability and poverty already experienced by this population before the pandemic: with even more reduced opportunities to access food and financial income due informal and low pay jobs affected by closed shops/restaurants and emptied streets, lack of access to health services and to items of hygiene to avoid transmission of the virus. On the other hand, key strategies led by Third Sector organizations to reduce the spread of the virus, to minimize the financial impact of lockdown, and to increase emotional support and information on COVID-19 were presented. The conclusions shown the complexity of issues affecting these groups and the need for urgent response from public policies and Government support to guarantee their rights, dignity, and respect during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Nunes, N., Rodriguez, A. & Cinacchi, G. 2022, 'The Challenges Faced by People Experiencing Homelessness in Brazil Due Covid-19', Book of Abstracts of the 8th International Conference on Public Health 2022, pp. 146-. https://discovery.dundee.ac.uk/en/publications/e4a6f5f8-5c21-4e79-a87b-c11ce0306788

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Last updated: 11 October 2022
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