Background: COVID-19 is typically a primary respiratory illness with multisystem involvement. The prevalence and clinical significance of cardiovascular and multisystem involvement in COVID-19 remain unclear. Methods: This is a prospective, observational, multicentre, longitudinal, cohort study with minimal selection criteria and a near-consecutive approach to screening. Patients who have received hospital care for COVID-19 will be enrolled within 28 days of discharge. Myocardial injury will be diagnosed according to the peak troponin I in relation to the upper reference limit (URL, 99th centile) (Abbott Architect troponin I assay; sex-specific URL, male: >34 ng/L; female: >16 ng/L). Multisystem, multimodality imaging will be undertaken during the convalescent phase at 28 days post-discharge (Visit 2). Imaging of the heart, lung, and kidneys will include multiparametric, stress perfusion, cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography coronary angiography. Health and well-being will be assessed in the longer term. The primary outcome is the proportion of patients with a diagnosis of myocardial inflammation. Conclusion: CISCO-19 will provide detailed insights into cardiovascular and multisystem involvement of COVID-19. Our study will inform the rationale and design of novel therapeutic and management strategies for affected patients.


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Mangion, K., Morrow, A., Bagot, C., Bayes, H., Blyth, K., Church, C., Corcoran, D., Delles, C., Gillespie, L., Grieve, D., Ho, A., Kean, S., Lang, N., Lennie, V., Lowe, D., Kellman, P., Macfarlane, P., McConnachie, A., Roditi, G., Sykes, R., Touyz, R., Sattar, N., Wereski, R., Wright, S. & Berry, C. 2020, 'The Chief Scientist Office cardiovascular and pulmonary imaging in SARS Coronavirus disease-19 (CISCO-19) study', Cardiovascular Research, 116(14), pp. 2185-2196. http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/cvr/cvaa209

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