Purpose: This study explored the experiences of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and health service leaders of compassion in the care of people hospitalized with COVID-19. Materials and methods: This study is a secondary analysis of qualitative data deriving from primary research data on recommendations for healthcare organizations providing care to people hospitalized with COVID-19. Participants comprised patients with COVID-19 (n = 10), family caregivers (n = 5) and HCPs in COVID-19 units (n = 12). Primary research data were analyzed deductively under the “lens” of compassion, as defined by Goetz. Results: Four interacting themes were found: (1) COVID-19 – to care or not to care? The importance of feeling safe, (2) A lonely illness – suffering in isolation with COVID-19, (3) Compassionate care for people with COVID-19 across the hospital continuum, and (4) Sustaining compassionate care for people hospitalized with COVID-19 – healthcare provider compassion fatigue and burnout. Conclusions: Compassionate care is not a given for people hospitalized with COVID-19. Healthcare providers must feel safe to provide care before responding compassionately. People hospitalized with COVID-19 experience additional suffering through isolation. Compassionate care for people hospitalized with COVID-19 is more readily identifiable in the rehabilitation setting. However, compassion fatigue and burnout in this context threaten healthcare sustainability.


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Simpson, R., Szigeti, Z., Sheppard, C., Minezes, J., Hitzig, S., Mayo, A., Robinson, L., Lung, M. & Wasilewski, M. 2022, 'The experiences of patients, family caregivers, healthcare providers, and health service leaders with compassionate care following hospitalization with COVID-19: a qualitative study', Disability and Rehabilitation. https://doi.org/10.1080/09638288.2022.2113564

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