Domestic abuse and violence in rural, remote and island locations tends to be underestimated and the unique experiences of women and girls from rural communities are rarely captured in domestic abuse scholarship. Moreover, rural, remote and island communities offer particular challenges around the policing of domestic abuse and around support for victims. The geographical profile of rural communities means that victims often live miles from their nearest third-sector support organisation or police station, yet face pressures where approaching the police is concerned due to the tight-knit nature of rural communities. Victims additionally face issues speaking out against domestic abuse as they are aware of the proximity they have to perpetrators and those associated with them. The challenges experienced by domestic abuse victims in rural communities were further heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdown typically led to abusers spending more time with their victim, creating further opportunities for monitoring and control of their behaviour. This study investigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on partnerships between the police and third-sector gender-based violence (GBV) service providers in remote, rural and island communities in Scotland. Between April and November 2022, semi-structured interviews were undertaken with police officers of different experience and ranks, including community, response, and specialist task force officers. Further interviews were undertaken with representatives from third-sector domestic abuse organisations in remote, rural and island communities in Scotland.

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Pedersen, S., Mueller-Hirth, N. & Miller, L. 2023, The impact of COVID-19 on partnerships between police and GBV service providers in remote, rural and island communities in Scotland., Robert Gordon University. Available at: https://rgu-repository.worktribe.com/output/2049031

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Last updated: 24 November 2023
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