Malaysia is currently going through its 3rd wave of Covid-19 and the cases have spiked up to nearly 4000/day. This has put an enormous pressure on the Malaysian healthcare system. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has come up with the idea of so-called “instant hospitals” to cope with the excessive number of patients, particularly non-critical Covid-19 patients. As a multi-racial country with Islam as the official religion, the Islamic Principles should be considered in the design of “instant hospitals” to promote Islamic awareness, strengthen the commitment to Islam and ultimately gain Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. The implementation of Islamic Principles in the design of these hospitals will enhance the healing process. The objective of this study is to identify the qualified personages to be selected as respondents and the criteria to implement Islamic design quality in an instant hospital or quarantine centre. This study sifts the satisfaction of the respondents on the basis of the criteria related to the implementation of Islamic design quality. This research has utilised the descriptive and survey-based method rooted in qualitative and quantitative research and supported by Media Content Analysis. From the analysis, new Islamic design criteria for hospitals has been outlined, which is consistent with the qualities in the Islamic Built Environment. The results will influence the Malaysian administrators and designers to develop a better hospital environment with the implementation of Islamic quality for the benefit of all the Malaysians.

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Zakaria, A., Isa, N., Hairudin, T. & Ismail, H. 2021, 'The satisfaction of the users with the islamic design quality in instant hospitals for non-critical covid-19 patients in malaysia', Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization, 11(1), pp. 355-373. https://doi.org/10.32350/JITC.111.19

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Last updated: 16 June 2022
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