From today, 29 July, we will publish an enhanced daily dashboard of COVID-19 data. The new dashboard will use existing data, presented in a more accessible way.

It will continue to use the latest statistics on cases of COVID-19 and the number of deaths of individuals who were laboratory confirmed with COVID-19. The data will be provided at a Scotland/ national level and at NHS Board and Local Authority levels for both daily and historic trend data; and it can be viewed using a number of measures, including cumulative positive/ negative cases and rates of positive/ negative cases.

Additional demographic breakdowns (such as age, sex and deprivation) will be available for Scotland only. An interactive map is available which shows where recent cases are now, and have been over time. It provides a summary of confirmed cases of COVID-19 within each Local Authority area over a 7-day period, comparing it with the first peak of COVID-19 and to the more recent period.

This map helps the public see the level of cases over time at a Local Authority level. Public health teams have access to a greater level of detail, and are constantly monitoring the number and location of cases in Scotland, and responding to localised outbreaks wherever and whenever they occur.

It is important that the public continue to follow the latest guidance, and that we all play our part in keeping infection rates low and reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading through physical distancing, good hand and respiratory hygiene and the appropriate use of face coverings.

Phil Couser, Director Data Driven Innovation at Public Health Scotland said:

“It is important that as we tackle the virus, we do all that we can to understand the impact of it on the immediate and long term health of the people of Scotland. Good data and knowledge are at the heart of this. They are crucial, not just to ensure we can respond quickly and appropriately to the day to day public health challenges we face in these times, but also so that we can plan for the future.

Making this data and information available to the public health community, and the public, is crucial so that we continue to share the best available knowledge, data and intelligence to protect and improve the health of the population of Scotland; notwithstanding this we would also stress the utmost of importance of all adhering to the guidance from the Scottish Government.”

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Last updated: 06 October 2022