COVID-19 poses one of the biggest challenges to the public’s health in recent history. The continued lockdown and social distancing measures necessary to protect the public from the virus, may cause people to feel more stressed or worried than usual. It’s important to understand how this can affect people’s behaviour and that some may use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs more than they might normally.

Angela Leitch, Chief Executive of Public Health Scotland said:

"As we face and tackle this Pandemic, we must also continue to do all we can to protect our long term health and wellbeing. That’s why Public Health Scotland has been working closely with our partners in Alcohol Focus Scotland, Ash Scotland, the Scottish Drugs Forum and in local Health Boards, throughout the crisis, to develop information on the potential risks to health caused by harmful substances and to share information on support services available."

"We welcome the opportunity to work with our partners to do this and to continue to provide guidance and support to the people of Scotland during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic".

More information on alcohol, drugs and tobacco support services is available from NHS Inform.

Last updated: 06 October 2022