Public Health Scotland (PHS) is today publishing the final report on the impact of COP26 on COVID-19 infections in Scotland.

This final report expands on the preliminary report published on 16 November 2021 and also covers the period after the COP26 summit ended.

The data presented in this report are those available to PHS up to 26 November 2021 and shows that COP26 has not had a direct contribution to COVID-19 infections across Scotland, and the wider UK, during the summit.

Dr Nick Phin, Director of Public Health Science and Medical Director, PHS said:  

“Today’s report reinforces preliminary findings that COP26 concluded successfully without any significant public health risks being identified. Additionally, investigations using available data show no evidence of any connection between Omicron cases and participation in COP26.

“These findings will be important in informing the surveillance response for any future large scale events where COVID-19 remains a threat to health.

“On behalf of PHS, I extend our thanks and gratitude to all those involved in the tremendous effort that has allowed for the safe and successful delivery of this event during the pandemic”.

Read the Surveillance of the impact of COP26 on COVID-19 infections in Scotland report. 

Last updated: 06 October 2022