Public Health Scotland (PHS) is fully committed to participating in the redress scheme for survivors of abuse in care in Scotland.

The NHS has been asked by the Scottish Government to contribute to the redress scheme as part of a national apology to children by organisations which cared for children at the time of the abuse.

We offer our heartfelt apologies to every child who encountered abuse while in the care of the NHS in Scotland and feel sincere compassion for the harm and trauma endured by these survivors over the course of their lives.

Respect is a cornerstone value of both the NHS in Scotland and PHS. That’s why it’s incredibly difficult to know that not all children in NHS care have been treated with kindness and dignity. Nothing can undo the past, but we hope by signing up to the redress scheme and working with the Scottish Government, we can tangibly help to offer redress – respectfully and kindly.

PHS's collective financial contribution over the next 10 years will contribute to ensuring there is quick access to the redress that survivors are due, delivered in a trauma informed way.

Find out more about Scotland's Redress Scheme, including who is eligible, how to apply and where to access support at (external website) or call 0808 175 0808. There is further information at Redress Scotland (external website).

There is support for survivors of abuse:

Future Pathways (external website) childhood abuse support (external website)

The Survivors Trust (external website)

Last updated: 06 October 2022