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As part of our continuous review of reporting, Public Health Scotland’s (PHS) weekly report on respiratory infections in Scotland, including COVID-19, has now moved to a monthly publication schedule.

This aligns to the pre-pandemic approach for other respiratory pathogens, which typically follow a seasonal pattern with most cases occurring between October and May. A return to weekly publications will resume in October 2023.

Between monthly publications, the surveillance of new pathogenic variants of COVID-19 will continue. Data on other respiratory infectious diseases also will be kept under review to ensure timely public health information is available when required.

Statistical reports on COVID-19 have been published weekly since the start of the pandemic and have provided insights into infection levels and other associated measures of impact from the pandemic.

Over time, the COVID-19 statistical report has evolved to reflect changes in testing policies, merging with the national respiratory report in January 2023 to provide a comprehensive picture of infectious respiratory disease in Scotland.

The latest change means the next ‘National Respiratory Infections and COVID-19 Statistical Report’ will be published on Thursday 22 June 2023.

Alongside the monthly report, we will continue to provide presentations of COVID-19 data through our interactive dashboard on a weekly basis, which will be updated each Thursday at 9.30am.

Despite vaccination reducing the risk of people getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19, it’s important to know that vaccine protection can fade over time. COVID-19 booster vaccinations are currently being offered to those who are eligible to help protect them from severe infection.

More information about this year's COVID-19 vaccination programme is available on the NHS Inform website.

View the latest ‘National Respiratory Infections and COVID-19 Statistical Report’ 

View the COVID-19 and Respiratory Dashboard

Last updated: 25 May 2023