Public Health Scotland (PHS) welcomes the Scottish Government’s new Tobacco and Vaping Framework, which sets out actions to be taken to create a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

PHS supports any action to raise the age limit for sales of tobacco and plans to improve services to help people quit. PHS is also committed to support the Scottish Government with its review of further actions needed to limit the appeal of vapes to children, young people and non-smokers during the first phase of the framework which will run until November 2025.

Dr Garth Reid, Consultant in Public Health at PHS said:

“One in five deaths in Scotland is caused by smoking. More than 8,000 deaths per year are attributable to diseases such as cancer, cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases, caused by smoking. We know that people living in our poorest communities are the worst affected by smoking. There is evidence that youth vaping is rapidly rising in Scotland and PHS is committed to working with partners to protect children from the health harms associated with vaping.

"PHS is fully committed to supporting the Framework which focuses on people, product and place.”

The Tobacco and Vaping Framework: Roadmap to 2034 can be read on the Scottish Government's website.

Last updated: 23 November 2023