People are being called forward for appointments by age and risk, and NHSScotland will let them know when they are eligible. 

If people have not yet received their first dose, they can register for an appointment. Find out more about registering for an appointment (external website).

If people would like to receive their first or second dose, they can attend a drop-in clinic in their local area. Find out more about drop-in clinics (external website).

Everyone aged 16 and over can book an appointment for a booster dose online, if they have not already had one.  Learn more about booking a vaccine appointment on NHS inform (external website).

People should phone the helpline to book an appointment for a booster dose if they:

  • are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 booster
  • and received a flu vaccination in autumn or winter 2021 to 2022

The national vaccination helpline is available on 0800 030 8013 for people without digital access. The helpline is open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

The following Health Boards will not be using the online portal or the national vaccination helpline: 

If a person lives in one of these NHS Health Board areas, they can check local details on their Health Board’s website or social media feeds. 

COVID-19 booster vaccination

Everyone aged 16 and over can book their COVID-19 booster online, if they have not already had one.

Find out more about booking COVID-19 booster appointments on NHS inform (external website).

There is a COVID-19 vaccination booking portal user guide available. 

Some areas are offering COVID-19 booster drop-in clinics.

People can check what is available in their local area:

  • on NHS inform
  • by visiting their health board's social media account

Learn more about vaccine drop-in clinics on NHS inform (external website).

View the video guide about how to book a COVID-19 booster vaccination appointment on Public Health Scotland's YouTube channel.

People without internet access can book by calling the National Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013. This is available 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

If someone has not attended a scheduled appointment without cancelling it, they cannot book another appointment online and should call the National Vaccination Helpline.

Spring booster dose

NHSScotland will contact those eligible for a spring booster dose with appointment details.

People do not need to book an appointment online or by the helpline.

Self-registration for appointments

An online self-registration portal (external website) is open for anyone aged 16 or over who has not received an appointment for their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine or has missed their first dose for any reason.

People will receive a text or email with details of their appointment.

Vaccine drop-in clinics

Drop-in clinics are available for the COVID-19 vaccine in some areas.

Services vary by Health Board and may include drop-in clinics, mobile vaccine clinics or other open access vaccine services as well as drop-in clinics.

People can find out about the drop-in clinics in their local Health Board area on NHS inform (external website).

Rearranging an appointment

Individuals can rearrange COVID-19 vaccination appointments on the NHS Inform website (external website).

Appointments can also be rearranged by calling the National Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013 (available 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week).  

Transport to vaccination centres

Guidance from Health Boards on travelling to vaccination appointments is available on NHS inform (external website).

Help with planning your public transport journey is available at (external website) or call 0141 465 1878 (open 24 hours).

Carers, children, translators and service dogs

If required, people may bring to their appointments:

  • a carer
  • a sighted guide 
  • a translator
  • a guide dog or hearing dog  

Parents and carers can bring their children if childcare is not available.

Information on how to request support with interpretation at vaccine appointments is available on NHS inform (external website).

What to expect at a vaccination appointment

A video about what to expect at a vaccination appointment is available in English.

View the 'What to expect at a vaccination appointment' video (external website)

Videos are also available in Arabic, Cantonese, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Romanian and Urdu.

Access the 'What to expect at a vaccination appointment' videos in other languages (external website) 

The video of a very large vaccination site is provided in British Sign Language and an extended version is available in English for those with autism or learning disabilities.

COVID-19 vaccine for those who have relocated to Scotland

If someone has had previous doses of the COVID-19 vaccine outside Scotland, they can get another dose in Scotland by either:

  • attending a drop-in clinic 
  • phoning the national vaccination helpline for an appointment on 0800 030 8013

It’s helpful if they know the type of vaccine they received and the date it was given to them. They can bring proof of vaccination with them, if possible. 

The vaccinator will make sure they receive an appropriate vaccine based on the latest clinical advice.

Find out more about vaccine drop-in clinics on NHS inform (external website).

If someone has had a vaccine abroad, they can request that these details are added to their Scottish vaccination record.

Find out more about requesting a COVID-19 vaccination record on NHS inform (external website).

Record of COVID-19 vaccination status

People aged 12 or over can request a record of the COVID-19 vaccines they have received in Scotland by:

Last updated: 14 April 2022