Vaccine resources in other languages and alternative formats

We have produced our resources in other languages, including British Sign Language (BSL).

COVID-19 vaccine leaflets

Information leaflets are available in different languages.

View the COVID-19 leaflets on NHS inform (external website).

We have also produced this leaflet as:

  • Audio
  • Easy Read
  • Large print

View the COVID-19 leaflet in alternative formats on NHS Inform (external website)

You can request other alternative formats and other languages of these leaflets by emailing

COVID-19 vaccination helpline

The national vaccination helpline is available on 0800 030 8013.

Translation is available in more than 200 languages. Callers can ring the helpline and ask for the language they need and the number they would like to be called on (in English). Call handlers will then arrange a call back to the number with the requested support.

If a call handler identifies the required language but not the phone number, they can attempt to connect to the interpretation service without a call back, but this will depend on the availability of a translator.

COVID-19 vaccine videos

Public Health Scotland has worked with partners at the Scottish Refugee Council to produce a ‘Statement of Facts’ providing accurate and accessible information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme. An animation has been produced and is available in English, Arabic, Dari, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

View the full list of 'Statement of Facts' animations (external website)

Last updated: 11 September 2023