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On 01 May 2022, Scotland transitioned to the “steady state” laid out in the Scottish Government Test and Protect Transition Plan. In this state, general public are no longer advised to seek a COVID-19 test if symptomatic, though testing remains available for clinical care and to protect those in high risk settings.

Following the changes to testing policy, Public Health Scotland (PHS) has reviewed its approach to publishing information on COVID-19. A summary of these changes can be found on the PHS news website.

Due to a reduction in the quantity and quality of data available, the COVID-19 Education Surveillance Dashboard will not be updated from week commencing 09 May 2022. This dashboard will remain available to view previously published data. Previously published data will also be available on the Scottish Health and Social Care Open Data portal.

Updated COVID-19 related data on children and young people can continue to be accessed through the following resources:

  • The ONS COVID-19 Infection Survey estimates the percentage of people testing positive for COVID-19 in private residential households. Age breakdowns are available for children and young people age groups.
  • The PHS daily COVID-19 data dashboard has the latest available figures, and includes information on the 0 to 14, 15 to 19 and 20 to 24 year age groups, and on overall cases by neighbourhood. It also provides information on COVID-19 vaccine uptake by age group.
  • PHS COVID-19 weekly report for Scotland provides information on COVID-related hospital admissions by age, COVID-19 related hospital admissions by length of stay and age group, vaccine uptake by age group and information on vaccine effectiveness. It also provides information on hospital/wider system pressures, including all emergency hospital admissions, by age.
  • The PHS serology dashboard PHS serology dashboard provides information on the estimated proportion of people who have antibodies to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, including in child and young people age groups.
  • Information on the wider impacts on health and the health care system from COVID-19, including child health reviews and immunisations, are available on the PHS Wider Impacts dashboard.
  • Information on deaths involving COVID-19 is available on the National Records Scotland website.
  • Information on weekly attendance and absence data for pupils and staff in schools can be found on the Scottish Government's COVID19 - Schools and Childcare Information 2021 dashboard.


This dashboard presented information on COVID-19 in children and young people of educational age, education staff and educational settings. This included:

  • COVID-19 testing and cases among children and young people of educational age.
  • Hospital admissions related to COVID-19 among children and young people of educational age.
  • COVID-19 cases among pupils registered to primary and secondary schools.
  • Information from the Schools and ELC Asymptomatic Testing Programme presenting Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing among ELC and school staff and secondary school pupils.
  • Information from contact tracing on cases present in an educational setting in the 7-days before symptom onset, and on cases who work in education or childcare.

View the Education Surveillance dashboard


If you have any questions relating to the data presented please contact us at: phs.statsgov@phs.scot.

If you have a media query please contact: phs.comms@phs.scot.

Last updated: 11 September 2023
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