How can I get involved?

Do you have a keen interest in reducing drug-related harm?

Would you like to share and receive information from RADAR?

We have produced a network guide which explains terms of reference for the RADAR Network. View the network guide.

A flyer is also available about the RADAR network.

For enquiries about other groups (Development Group and Assessment Group) please email the Programme Team at:

How can I send information?

You can use our reporting form if you would like to share information about:

  • trends
  • new drugs
  • incidents
  • health harms related to drugs
  • social harms related to drugs

This form contains questions on:

  • drug use
  • adverse effects
  • overdose
  • drug deaths

This form should not be used in an emergency.

If someone is experiencing an overdose or a medical emergency where drugs may be involved, call 999.

Reports to RADAR can be made as soon as practicably possible.

Hard copies of the reporting form are available to print.

These can be scanned and returned to the RADAR mailbox.

The mailbox is monitored by the Public Health Scotland RADAR programme team Monday to Friday.


What type of information can I share?

RADAR collects information about trends, new drugs, incidents, health harms and social harms related to drugs.

This may include details such as:

  • adverse effects
  • drug appearance
  • patterns of use
  • routes of administration
  • testing data

By providing as much information as possible you help us to develop a better response.

But you do not need to have all the information requested on the form to make a submission.

If you have incomplete information or if you are unsure if the report you have is useful, please submit the form anyway. 

All information received helps us to develop a much-needed picture of drug use and harms in Scotland.

Please do not include any unrequested personal information such as a name, private address, date of birth or Community Health Index (CHI) number.

Last updated: 07 October 2022