Today, Public Health Scotland welcomes the start of COVID-19 vaccinations in Scotland. 

Angela Leitch, Chief Executive of Public Health Scotland said:

"Today’s announcement generates optimism and hope throughout the country. I share in that optimism and very much hope that we might see life return to normal, albeit a ‘new normal’, in the months to come."

"Since the summer, we’ve been working with the Scottish Government, National Services Scotland and local NHS boards to design a population-wide COVID-19 immunisation programme.  We are providing clinical advice and public health leadership around all of this, as it joins the existing vaccines in Scotland’s armoury against infectious diseases."

"For all the challenges that lie ahead, today gives us all confidence in our fight against the pandemic."

Dr Mary E Black, Interim Board Clinical Director and Director of Health Protection at Public Health Scotland said:

"There is sound scientific evidence that vaccination is the best defence against serious infections as they offer us a level of protection that we don’t have through any other means."

"It’s impressive that we have seen COVID-19 vaccinations delivered in months and although it’s been done quickly, this vaccine hasn’t skipped any of the usual approval steps. Safety of the COVID-19 vaccine is paramount so knowing that the vaccinations have gone through a rigorous and independent testing process gives us all encouragement."

Remember FACTS for a safer Scotland:

  • F – Face coverings
  • A – Avoid crowded places
  • C – Clean your hands regularly
  • T – Two metre distance
  • S – Self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms

For more information on the work we are doing to support the vaccination program, visit our COVID-19 vaccinations page.

Last updated: 29 June 2022