Communities and population groups across Scotland are affected by inequalities.

Who you are, where you are born, where you live, your education, your income and your circumstances all have a bearing on your opportunities to thrive in society. Inequalities divide our society and create injustice, impacting overall life outcomes for many.

In Scotland, all public services are responsible for ensuring the services they deliver are inclusive. We depend on public services, such as health care, water and emergency services, in our everyday lives. They ensure our well-being by helping us access what we need, protecting our most vulnerable and improving our daily lives. There is a diverse range of needs in our communities and services often fall short in meeting all these needs - not all our experiences and outcomes are equitable.

Many learning resources are available to help us understand and appreciate the importance of addressing inequalities. Yet, only a few resources help people develop and improve their practice to reduce inequalities.  So, what can we do to address this?

The Breaking barriers to reduce inequalities hub is a new resource specifically developed to help those in public service roles actively reduce inequalities in the services they provide. The hub offers guidance, practical examples, methods and approaches that work to reduce inequalities through various tools, frameworks and activities.  It promotes values and behaviours that underpin human rights and contribute to reducing inequalities in practice.

The hub is primarily aimed at essential and emergency public services across all sectors, including health, social care, education, housing, police, fire and rescue services. It is also useful for everyone who works in public service, to support action to reduce inequalities and improve population life outcomes.

Designed as a flexible resource, learners can dip in and out of sections based on their learning needs, source information about how they can improve their day-to-day working practice and take action.

We want a Scotland where everyone thrives. All public services must work towards achieving inclusion for all, that each person has the same right to get the best outcomes, regardless of their circumstances. When delivered effectively, public services strengthen our communities and bind us together.

View the breaking barriers to reduce inequalities hub.

Last updated: 20 June 2023